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Files for Database exported as CSV spreadsheets

Name Last modified Size
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_SqliteDatabaseProperties.csv 20-Jul-2018 12:00 254.0B
attachment.csv 20-Jul-2018 12:00 2.5M
chat.csv 20-Jul-2018 12:00 164.0K
chat_handle_join.csv 20-Jul-2018 12:00 7.7K
chat_message_join.csv 20-Jul-2018 12:01 2.7M
deleted_messages.csv 20-Jul-2018 12:01 11.0B
handle.csv 20-Jul-2018 12:01 10.9K
message.csv 20-Jul-2018 12:07 178.0M
message_attachment_join.csv 20-Jul-2018 12:07 71.1K
sqlite_sequence.csv 20-Jul-2018 12:07 83.0B